I blame it on the Statistics

Versailles Chateau

I was busy studying yesterday when I chanced upon a posting on Facebook. A few of the classmates were going to Versailles to visit the famous Versailles Chateau. “Do you want to join? ”- the posting posed an interesting dilemma. On one hand was the interesting prospect of delving into the wonderful world of Statistics conjured by Prof Boute. On the other, a dreary one of standing in the queue for tickets. How would Prof Boute solve it? Working out the figures carefully, I came to the conclusion that I could say with 99.7% (6σ) confidence that I wanted to study statistics. What about the remaining 0.3%? Turns out that it never got discussed in the class. That 0.3 percent should count for something, right? Why else did I choose to go to Versailles? Must remember to ask this question in the statistics class the next time. I can only say with 95% confidence that I will.

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