Never good enough

a pile of
potatoes – should I
mash or make
wedges, I
am sure they’ll disagree
pâro engulfs me

I work in
primitive shed fit
for witches
yet, all smart
alecs call the mash lumpy
and wedges scrawny

In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #154

4 thoughts on “Never good enough

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  1. my mother used to throw a fit when i was a kid

    because i wouldn’t eat her mash

    she asked why and i told because i liked the mash they made at school and hers wasn’t like that

    well how is it at school she says with the smoking ears of how dare they

    in my sweet child innocent truth I replied

    well i like theirs because it’s cold and lumpy

    fifty years later and she’s still disgusted!

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