12 thoughts on “I don’t love you any more

  1. Hmm. I love the poem’s premise, but if it’s the poet not able to stop thinking of the girl, then shouldn’t it read something like: “Grant me a reprieve from thoughts of you…” The way it reads, it’s as if she’s the one thinking of him. Sorry; I’m just trying to understand.

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      1. Well, your wonderful blog is aptly named: “Playing with Words,” is it not? Thanks for your kind response. I enjoy your brilliant poems and only wish I could speak and write the Indian language as well as you can with English. All the best. xo

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      2. Thanks for your kind words… I find your poems brilliant as well… Interesting that you should allude to my Indian roots… I am deeply inspired by poetry in Hindi and Urdu… and I think it may reflect in my poems as well… All the best to you too…

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  2. Gosh, to me, it sounds like the subject is asking the object to stop thinking of him / her, because the weight of those thoughts are a burden. I guess that’s one thing I love about haiku – it is so short and suggestive that it can be interpreted by the reader in a myriad of ways. Nice poem, nice blog.

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