searching for a trace
of love in her voice as she
calls to say good bye

Daily Prompt – Trace

13 thoughts on “Desperate

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  1. Hi Hec, thanks for following my blog. I am now following yours. I’ve only read two of your pieces so far, and I am really impressed. I am going to try and catch up with your posts.

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      1. Yes, I went on a reading blitz last night, will try to do some tonight as well. I really liked what I read. You have a great talent, and way of expressing yourself.

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      2. It was my pleasure, you are a master haiku writer. I enjoy those because they are short and challenging. They can be expressive and sensual. There are several other forms of Japanese poetry I would like to try. I love Japanese culture.

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      3. I am sure you can, besides it doesn’t really matter. Everyone has writers block. I am in the middle of one myself. It’s not easy to consistently produce. I think the best way is to just let it come when it does. I can’t force myself to write. I have to have the inspiration.

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