अनबुझी आग

समंदर है तत्पर मगर
कैसी है यह आग जो बुझती ही नहीं ।१।

ताकता हूँ शीशा मगर
कैसी है यह सूरत जो दिखती ही नहीं ।२।

बनाये कितने पुल मगर
कैसी हैं दूरियां जो मिटती ही नहीं ।३।

कोई वादा नहीं मगर
कैसी है यह आस जो घटती ही नहीं ।४।

मेरे भी थे वो कभी
कैसी है किस्मत जो टिकती ही नहीं ।५।

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 45

6 thoughts on “अनबुझी आग

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  1. Oceans move to obliterate
    but cannot douse this fire
    I look into the mirror
    but cannot see a face
    Years spent building bridges
    but cannot cross the rivers
    No promises made ever
    but hope lives forever
    Love belonged to me, till
    Destiny displayed its will

    Thanks, Amit!

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    1. Thanks Reena, for your wonderful prompts and prompt translations.

      Want to add an explanation for the second couplet. Unfortunately,
      due to the choice of words the meaning does not come across that well.

      I wanted it to have two meanings. Seesha standing for mirror as well
      as for the bottle (of booze). Similarly, I wanted soorat for face as
      well as situation. The primary meaning was to be “I stare hard at the
      mirror, but am not able to recognize the face therein”, conveying a
      sense of being denial. The secondary meaning was to stare at the bottle,
      looking for a solution, but not finding it, conveying a sense of

      I think a better choice of the words would have been

      तकता हूँ शीशा मगर
      मुझको कोई सूरत नज़र नहीं आती

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