कितना अच्छा होता गर मैं
फिर से बच्चा बन जाता

जीवन फिर से जी पाता ।१।

समझ पाता बचपन का मोल
माँ का दुलार, डांट के बोल

कुछ खिलोने सहेज पाता ।२।

लड़कपन से क्या लेता मैं
तकिये के नीचे जो सपने थे

आँखों में फिर संजो लाता ।३।

जवानी का वह पहला प्यार
किताब में बंद वह गुलाब

उसकी खुशबू उड़ा लाता ।४।

क्या अलग होता इस बार
गर जीवन फिर से जी पाता

क्या प्रारब्ध से जीत पाता।५।

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 46

9 thoughts on “प्रारब्ध


    How I wish I could
    be a child
    and live – once again.

    How I wish I could
    value those halcyon days
    a mother’s love, reprimands
    stored in attics with toys

    What would I take from adolescence?
    dreams beneath the pillow
    installed in outer vision

    The flush of first love and youth
    magic of that pressed rose
    fragrance installed in the soul

    What would be different
    If I lived again
    Could life start – once again?

    — Translation from Hindi to English

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    1. Thanks Reena ! That was a perfect translation once again… you have a knack of picking up the essence from my Hindi poem, and then weave them in your own magical way. I showed one of your translations to a friend of mine. She claimed that it was much better than the original, and I totally concurred…


      1. I agree that a translation in literature is a different piece inspired by the original, and using an app can be disastrous. However, the additional challenge of not straying from the original theme makes the effort worthwhile.

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