आग में जलता हूँ

आग में जलता हूँ तेरी मैं
आकर तू भी देख तमाशा १।

आंसू भी अब सूख चुके हैं
समझी न तूने उनकी भाषा।२।

नम न कर तू आंखें अपनी
मत दे मुझे नयी कोई आशा।३।

हीरा था अब टूट चूका हूँ
हाय यह कैसा तूने तराशा।४।

काश तुझे बता पाता अमित
करता हूँ तुझे प्यार बेतहाशा।५।

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 51

4 thoughts on “आग में जलता हूँ

  1. I think I can start writing ‘Translator’ on my profile with these weekly practice sessions :). Thanks, Amit! This genre of poetry is your specialization.

    Translation from Hindi to English:

    All-consuming fire of desire
    unfolds a story, just for you

    A broken diamond laments
    polishing itself, just for you

    unseen, unheard, unread, untouched
    tears dry, staining hearts for you

    No, don’t let your eyes go moist
    don’t ignite hope – once again for you

    Wish I could …..
    Wish you understood….

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    1. yes, of course… most definitely… in fact, you are so good with your translations, you should really try your hand at translating better known work in Hindi… as for my specialization in the genre, I started composing in Hindi only about a month or so back. I struggle each week, and am highly dissatisfied with the effort each time; till you come up with your translation and make it look good. Thanks !!!

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