अजनबी सी है

जो मैनें कहा
वो तूने सुना ही नहीं
पर हम में कहा सुनी सी है ।१।

कोई ख़ता
जब मुझसे हुई ही नहीं
फिर क्यों तू अनमनी सी है ।२।

ख्वाब कोई
तूने मुझे दिखाया ही नहीं
क्यों दिल में खलबली सी है ।३।

मत पूछ मुझे
मेरे अरमानों का सिला
जैसे चिंगारी कोई दबी सी है ।४।

मेरी तो खैर
थी न कभी भी तू अमित
पर अब तू अजनबी सी है ।५।

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 60

6 thoughts on “अजनबी सी है

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  1. English translation by Reena

    I spoke, but
    you did not listen
    Why this silent altercation?

    I’m not guilty
    of offending you
    Why the fazed agitation?

    You did not
    plant flying dreams in me
    Why this jittery murmuration?

    I’d rather not mention
    my aspirations
    lest it sparks – a conflagration?

    You never really
    belonged to me
    why do I fear separation?

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      1. This one was tricky though – with words like Anmani. Then, the syllable count in Hindi and English words is very different, so the music changes.

        It reminded me of songs like ‘Tu mujhko na chahe to koi baat nahin’ and ‘humne dekhi hai un aankhon ki mehakti khushbu’. A very romantic and musical piece.

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      2. It’s appropriate that you should mention these songs… It ties in nicely with the other comment that you made about the next generation. Bollywood narratives and songs play such a great role in forming ideas about life in general, and about love more specifically… Of course, with the advent of Internet, the next generation has many more sources of forming their opinions… Still, I would imagine that Bollywood continues to enjoy a major influence…therefore, one must rue the degradation of lyrics in movies…

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