मन का अँधेरा

चाँद सा मुखड़ा मेरा
कहाँ देखा है किसी ने
मेरे मन का अँधेरा ।१।

मेरी धीमी मुस्कान
चाहा ही कहाँ तुमने
समझना मेरा सवेरा ।२।

उलझी हुई लट मेरी
संवारेगा कौन भला
इन उलझनों का डेरा ।३।

रंग रूप का खज़ाना
ढूंढ़ती हैं प्यासी आंखें
मेरी तमस का लुटेरा ।४।

मन एक मंदिर मेरा
कौन करेगा आकर
अमित इसमें बसेरा ।५।

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 74

12 thoughts on “मन का अँधेरा

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    1. Thanks Reena… I like the fourth stanza best too… I tried to experiment a little bit here. In each stanza, the second line goes both with the first and the third line. When you read the first two lines together, it has a certain meaning till you read the third one which has the twist… a Hindi Haiku if you will…

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  1. English translation

    lunar glow on my face
    who cares to explore
    darkness within?

    mysterious smiling eyes
    who cares about
    dawns that wake me up?

    tangled strands on my head
    who cares – to
    resolve riddles therein?

    light house of beauty
    I look for destroyers
    of darkness that conceals

    temples inside me
    who cares to reside
    in pious environs?

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