तुझसा नहीं ज़लाल

हाँ दीवाना हूँ मैं
चलती हो तुम जैसे
अपनी नयी हर चाल

समझ लेती हो कैसे
मेरे बिना कहे ही
तमाम अनकहे ख़याल

या फिर बिन बोले ही
आँखों ही आँखों में
पूछती हो सवाल

होंगें बहुत हसीं यहाँ
अमित इस दुनिया में
तुझसा नहीं ज़लाल

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 75

9 thoughts on “तुझसा नहीं ज़लाल

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  1. Understanding is added to intelligence here….. though we have not discovered all aspects of intelligence as yet. Comprehension and unspoken communication do count. Gardner’s theory of seven types is being challenged.

    IMHO, we look for a level of intelligence that complements our own in some way, and matches our value system. Like I cannot admire a person who perfectly executes a terrorist plot (terrorism is high on Indian minds now ☺)

    Brilliant take!

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  2. English translation-

    I’m a fan
    of your deft,
    strategic moves

    I’m indebted –
    you read my mind
    amidst silent chaos

    I await
    your intense glance
    featuring sharp questions

    Beauty all around – but
    I’m in awe
    of your awesomeness

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