मेरे अगाध प्रेम को तुमने
हमेशा बंधन ही माना
अपना अपना नज़रिया है।१।

पत्थर ही फेंका किये तुम
कभी डूब कर देखते
कितना गहरा दरिया है ।२।

सर्दी में रूह को सुकूं दे
जून की तपती दोपहर में
तू बेचैनी का ज़रिया है ।३।

दिखती है रौशनी तुम्हें
क्या जानो किस के लिए
पल पल जलता दिया है ।४।

लगता है लतीफा तुम्हें
अमित इस मज़ाक को
मैनें खुद ही जिया है ।५।

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 83

8 thoughts on “नज़रिया

  1. English translation

    I feel love
    you see bondage
    -a point of view

    one knows the depth
    by diving – but you cast stones,
    let ripples be the cue

    you warm up the soul on wintry nights
    on scalding June afternoons
    -in your thoughts, I stew

    you see a steady light
    but know not how many times
    who burns – for whom, anew?

    a joke gives you a break
    I’ve lived this act forever
    unbeknownst to you

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    1. Hi Reena, this is as perfect a translation as one could hope for.. since I wrote the original piece, it is hard for me to judge if there are other interpretations possible, but you always manage to capture my thoughts as I intended them to be… thanks !!!

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