कमाल ही तो है

अब तलक ज़िंदा हूँ
तुमपर जां लुटाकर
कमाल ही तो है ।१।

मायूस क्यों है चाँद
सुन के तारीफ तेरी
मिसाल ही तो है ।२।

क्यों खफ़ा हो मुझसे
कुछ कहा तो नहीं
ख़याल ही तो है ।३।

क्योंकर नहीं कहा
खामोश क्यों रहा
मलाल ही तो है ।४।

है भला यह दुनिया
मेरे किस काम की
बवाल ही तो है ।५।

कैसी आस अमित
कैसा है यह मोह
खाल ही तो है ।६।

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 88

9 thoughts on “कमाल ही तो है

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  1. The first three lines really made me think. One can be surprised that an individuality exists – other than a shared life or thought-connection which meant a lot. That forgotten part is actually wholeness of being.
    Moving ahead, the progression from Khayal to Khaal is interesting ☺
    Thanks for being a regular on this prompt!

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    1. Hi Reena, the thanks are in fact due to you for having varied prompts. Also, for taking time to read each post carefully and critically. BTW, here’s another stanza for the poem that I composed later:

      मायूस क्यों है चाँद
      सुन के तारीफ तेरी
      मिसाल ही तो है

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  2. English translation –

    I still breathe – after
    I gave my life for you
    What a miracle ..

    Why’re you upset
    not a single word spoken
    Just a thought…

    Why did I not speak
    stay silent
    Is it regret?

    The world’s
    not of much use
    What a nuisance …

    Why this hope, Amit
    What pulls you?
    just skin …

    The moon’s forlorn
    on hearing your praise
    it’s just a simile…

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