तोड़ दो बंधन

तोड़ दो बंधन सभी
आ जाओ मेरे ज़ानिब
बन कर मेरे हबीब

न मिलो तुम मुझसे
कहाँ है यह वाज़िब
मिले तुम्हें मेरा रक़ीब

कब तक छलेंगें सपने
अब है यही मुनासिब
अपना लूँ अपना नसीब

बन गया काफ़िर अमित
हो तेरा खुदा हाफ़िज़
दे दो मुझे मेरा सलीब

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 92

13 thoughts on “तोड़ दो बंधन

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    1. There are two crossovers in this poem… in the first stanza, poet asks the muse to break societal norms and cross over to him…the last one is about poet crossing over to being a non believer… that said, I do agree that flow is not smooth due to the use of different tenses in the stanzas…

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  1. Just see how this works

    “May your God be with you
    I take to atheism
    Give me my cross!

    I accept defeat….
    Why chase dreams
    unattainable and gross?

    It’s not fair
    you meet my rivals
    and dump me as dross?

    Snap all bonds
    Come to me, beau
    It’s only a barrier – just cross”

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