दिमाग़ कहता है बेवफ़ा हैं वो
नहीं मानता दिल उनका कुसूर
मुक़दमे में कौन जीतेगा दलील ।१।

वो रक़ीब से नज़दीकियां उनकी
सब कीं दिमाग़ ने दर्ज़ मगर
पूछे दिल क्या वे इतने अश्लील ।२।

हैं बहुत शातिर वे ,याद करे दिमाग़
उनकी सारी चालाकियाँ
माने दिल अब भी उनको नबील।३।

दिल कहे अमित मना ले उनको
पर रोक लेता है दिमाग
होना पड़ेगा फिर से ज़लील ।४।

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 111

14 thoughts on “दिल-ओ-दिमाग़

    1. Maybe the word “Nabeel” has more than one meaning. Here’s what I found on net:

      Nabeel Name meaning in Urdu is “hoshiyar”, “azeem”, “zaheen”, and “mumtaz”. Nabeel name meaning in Urdu is simple and heart touching. This name Nabeel means someone who is pious, simple, and possesses good traits.

      – Source: https://hamariweb.com/names/muslim/arabic/boy/nabeel-meaning_3455

      I used it in direct contrast to “chalakiyan”

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  1. English translation

    mind screams – Infidelity
    heart gives a chance
    case yet to be won….

    intimacy with rivals
    do register, but…
    vulgarity yet to be seen…

    deviousness recalled
    all the mean tricks, but
    greatness yet to be shed…

    I want to mend fences
    but the mind says ‘Stop’
    fear of rebuke yet remains…

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      1. Poetry is a combination of several things – beliefs, emotions, analysis, instincts and technique, so it is a combination. I prefer going with the first draft, so that it remains pure instinct.

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