न होते हम तो
कौन करता परवाह तुम्हारी
कौन करता तुमसे प्यार इतना

था कौन भला
जो सुनता सभी बातें तुम्हारी
किसपर था तुम्हें अधिकार इतना

सिखाई हमने
तुम्हें प्यार की क़ीमत
क्यों महँगा पड़ा न इज़हार इतना

होकर रुसवा भी
रखोगे मेरे राज़ सभी महफूज़
क्यों करती हूँ तुमपर ऐतबार इतना

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 171

7 thoughts on “ऐतबार

  1. English translation

    What if, I was not there?
    Who would’ve
    cared for you?
    Loved you the way I do…

    Who in the world
    would just listen … but me
    With full rights,
    just let you be…

    I taught you that love
    is to be valued, not shunned
    remember how priceless
    Was that one expression

    You’ll get labelled
    but protect my secrets
    How did I get to
    develop this trust?

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