तू नज़र आता है

ऑंखें बंद कर लूँ तो भी तू नज़र आता है
टूटे आईना-ए-अना में तू नज़र आता है

हुई मुद्दत हमें तेरा विसाल किये हुए
फिर भी हर कल्पना में तू नज़र आता है

कोई हमसे पूछे क्या मज़ा है जलने में
परवाना हूँ शमा में तू नज़र आता है

कभी तो तू छत पर नज़र आ ज़ालिम
यूँ तो चन्द्रमा में तू नज़र आता है

मिलता है हर शख़्स देने तसल्ली अमित
या हर सांत्वना में तू नज़र आता है

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 177

14 thoughts on “तू नज़र आता है

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  1. I wonder if there are any Urdu poets
    who havee moved to modern themes, to appeal to young audiences. Seeing someone make an appearance on the terrace, or references to Chilman feels dated.

    Kumar Vishwas moved from these themes to ‘Tumhara phone aya hai’ in his second book.

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    1. You make an interesting point… I guess poetry moves with time… If you try to adress modern themes in classical styles, it might become caricaturish… Like you I wonder if there are poets out there who are doing it successfully…

      I am just a dabbler and my knowledge of Urdu is very limited…

      On another note, in today’s digital world of comforts and distractions indoors, appearances on terrace have in any case become a thing of the past

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  2. English translation

    I shut my eyes, and then see you
    Broken mirrors tease, but I see you

    Aeons passed, since we met last
    In every imagination, I see just you

    Ask me what’s the pleasure in burning
    I am a moth, in all fires I see you

    Make an appearance on the terrace some day
    In all phases of the moon, I only see you

    People I meet, try hard to pacify
    In every consolation, I can see you

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