not a more
painful plight is there
than see her
cringe away
from you, she who had promised
everlasting love

Daily Prompt – Cringe

Bouncing back

my world fell
apart; she returned
my ring, her
parting words
still echo in my ears and
gnaw at my insides

wheels of life
move on, I whistle
as I pick
broken threads
but I still feel her touch and
foot prints on my heart

In response to The Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 304

Breaking free

walking in
shadow of my guilt
waiting for
something ignites within me
wakes me up from trance

it whispers
let go of rancid
past, ’twas just
a ripple
in water, pin down the earth
and touch the sky

In response to The Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 303

Crisp air

in the park
where I sat down with
her and held
her sweet face
close to mine, our breaths meeting
the air is still crisp

Daily Prompt – Crisp

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